Food Sensitivities

We often think of allergies as unpleasant symptoms from things like pollen and cat hair. But in fact, we can have allergies to all kinds of things including the food we eat. Common food allergies and intolerances you may be familiar with are gluten, dairy and nuts. The truth is, we can be sensitive to a great number of ingredients. Dr Turner offers advanced (IgG, IgG, IgA) food allergy blood tests.

But why are we so sensitive to our food? Our bodies are inherently set up to recognize some things as “foreign” and other things as “natural”. But we’re not perfect. In fact, a multitude of genetic and environmental factors can increase our risk for allergies by causing a defect in our bodies’ ability to differentiate between these two categories. When we consume foods that are considered “foreign”, our bodies attack them and cause an allergic reaction. Food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances all involve our immune system and our sensitivities to foods.

Because of food allergies and intolerances, we end up experiencing all kinds of uncomfortable symptoms ranging from

  • congestion
  • mild or severe abdominal discomfort
  • skin rashes
  • chronic infections

In order to tackle the symptoms you are facing, Dr. Turner first works to understand exactly what is causing them. By using specialized food allergy panels, Dr. Turner can assess for underlying food sensitivities and allergies and make effective dietary changes that can eliminate once and for all those unpleasant symptoms you experience. Removing the foods that are causing irritation can heal our gut and drastically improve health throughout the body. Dr Turner is also extensively trained in Constitutional Homeopathy, which can stimulate the body’s innate healing mechanisms and often strengthen the underlying resilience towards our foods. Let Dr. Turner help you address these food sensitivities once and for all!